About Angela

Angela Chambers is an American-born flautist, vocalist and performance artist based between the US and Berlin, Germany

Angela’s talent for improvisation has helped her to adjust to many different situations as an artist. She thrives on chaos and making something out of nothing. Growing up in a small rural town in Eastern, North Carolina, she did not always have access to certain pleasures of the world. However, her curiosity and desire for knowledge and creative inspiration led her down the dream path of becoming a musical artist and she soon realized her voice was strong enough to be heard.

Originally, she first came to Berlin by touring with her Italo-Disco band called Dust from New York, with whom she released 2 albums with through Berlin’s Mannequin label and Low Life Inc. They did two European tours and after the second tour, she decided that she wanted a change from the hectic NYC lifestyle. With that said, she bought a one-way ticket and after the tour was over, she settled down in Berlin. Of course, moving roots to another city and another continent was not easy. She soon immersed herself in the Berlin art and music scene to find her own voice as an artist and shortly after received her freelance artist visa.

In 2014, she received an artist residency at a Berlin art collective called Neu West, where she began working on her first solo EP. Through various collaborations with other Berlin artists she found herself in recording studios with well-known musicians such as Casper Clausen from Efterklang and Owen Roberts who also had a residency at Neu West and was at the time composing for Johann Johannsson.

In 2017, she released a collaborative album under the moniker AC Meadows. The EP entitled Apart was released on vinyl and features the above named artists as well as others. In 2016 and 2017, she also began collaborations with Dirk Dresselhaus of Schneider TM working on TV/film scores. Dirk soon asked if she would record on the new Locust Fudge album, which was released in April 2018. She has toured and collaborated with many other bands/artists such as Future Islands, Tim ‘Love’ Lee, Monogold, Sebastian Voigt, Steve Summers, Magic Island, The Beef Machine, Don Lennon and others.

Currently, her main project is Waking Dreams, which has a history that dates back to 2012 in New York with Jason Letkiewicz. They immediately had a strong music connection and realized that it should be taken to the next level. Angela and Jason are released their debut album ‘Askew’ on June 1st, 2020.

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