—–CHAMBERS— came to light in the dark Berlin, Angela Chambers (Dust, AC Meadows, Locust Fudge) and Jason Letkiewicz(Alan Hurst, Steve Summers, L.I.E.S Records, Mutant Beat Dance, Innergaze), old friends from New York came together in collaboration with Cameron Findlay on drums. (Crystal Castles, Kontravoid). Written and recorded in Berlin. Mixed in Baltimore, USA.

Angela and Jason first met in New York in 2012, when they recorded their first songs together. Both were coming from Electronic, House, and Italo Disco backgrounds, which makes this project unique, in that they somehow wanted to keep elements of the past, while adding now a more Indie-pop Krautrock vibe to the mix. They perform live as a duo, with Angela writing and singing vocals, intertwining flute melodies and synths, while Jason plays mesmerising and catchy guitar melodies and deep rhythmic bass lines.

Distance could never keep them apart as Jason soon moved to Berlin in 2015, where they had their studio in Rummelsburg and recorded their first album together entitled Askew LP. Shortly after, Cameron Findlay added drums to the project to complete the first album. They are now working to finish the second studio album.

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